Why Choose UROS Connect

True eSIM connectivity you can trust

We build on industry trusted and secure technology. We always deliver in accordance with the GSMA requirements. We only work with selected partner carriers and M2M suppliers. What's in it for you? Reliable performance and peace of mind.

Your freedom belongs to you

We don't believe in roping you in. We don't do lock-in contracts. We believe in our service and in the difference it makes for you. If you do not see the value of our product, we promise you are always free to go.

For developers, by developers

We know the value of fast technical integration. Our SDKs have been designed from day one with seamless, simple and developer friendly integration in mind. Because developers are our friends - and we want to make their life just a little bit easier.

UROS Connect Developers First

Developers first

Fast. And simple. So that you can focus on bringing your ideas to life. Spend more time building amazing things, less integrating with carrier partners. Our connectivity SDK has an average integration time of under ten minutes. And it's flexible, too. Different connectivity technologies or changes in operator availability are not a problem.


In a world that moves fast, be ready for new opportunities. Add power and flexibility to your product. Or adapt your entire business model. We help you leverage the landscape of IoT, globally.

UROS Connect Enterprises
UROS Connect Device Manufacturing

Device manufacturing

Configure locally. Deploy globally. Ship your devices everywhere with pre-enabled connectivity. Save money in assembly, deployment and logistics. An advantage for those seeking to serve existing markets more efficiently. Revolutionary for those expanding rapidly across international markets.

Manage Connectivity with our State-of-the-Art UROS Connect Dashboard

It works right. And looks right. A dashboard rich in information. But without the distracting clutter. Get access to essential, effective tools. Measure, monitor and manage all your global connections in real time. Take delight in a minimalism-inspired display of critical KPIs.

UROS Connect Dashboard

Dashboard Features

Real-Time Overview

Follow data consumption in real time, wherever your devices may be.

Create Device Groups

Group your devices any way you want. By product, by location, by nickname if you want. Totally up to you.

Real-time Alerts

If your device is showing unusual behavior, we'll alert you so you can choose the most appropriate action.

Remote Control

In unexpected situations, you can suspend or terminate any device's connection remotely. Reactivating it is just as easy.

Development Mode

Keep development under the hood. We give you space to work on different stages on the same dashboard.

Estimated Monthly Cost

See what you're paying for in real time. Suspense until the end of the month is a thing of the past.

IoT Connectivity with the World's First Adaptive Pricing

Our adaptive pricing model is built to help scale your deployment easily and efficiently.

Pay As You Go

Don't get lost in a pricing labyrinth. With UROS Connect, you only pay for data you've used.


As soon as things become predictable, they become boring. But we think predictable pricing is actually pretty exciting.

Always Optimized

Always land on the sweet spot. You can forget about fixed rates, bundles and packages. That's the beauty of our adaptive pricing.

Sample Pricing

UROS Connect Smart Utilities Management

725 €

Total Monthly Estimate

Smart Utilities management

Monthly Data Usage / Device

740 MB

Number of Devices


Monitoring of renewable energy production equipment, utilisation rate, environmental measurements and occasional remote visual inspections via a connected gateway.

Production Machinery monitoring

Monthly Data Usage / Device

128 MB

Number of Devices


Monitoring machinery health, uptime/downtime hours, reading warnings and fault codes, occasional delivery of new firmware updates. Used for quality assurance and for planning preventive maintenance.

UROS Connect Production Machinery Monitoring

576 €

Total Monthly Estimate

UROS Connect Tracking Devices

1200 €

Total Monthly Estimate

Tracking devices

Monthly Data Usage / Device

12 MB

Number of Devices


Single purpose connected tracking device. Tracking of a fleet of rental equipment, for asset optimisation and asset recovery purposes.

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